A solid workout begins long before you break a sweat with a proper warm-up session to increase body temperature, loosen up the joints, and get the blood flowing. This will help the muscles achieve their optimum strength and power, and more importantly, it will protect them against aches and injury. 

Our PRE WORKOUT products are designed to support your body and muscles during any workout activity, while protecting and hydrating your skin. Our goal is to support you in achieving your maximum performance. 

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Pre-Workout Warming Cream
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Our pre-workout warming cream helps to prepare and protect the body by stimulating the natural processes that would occur during a warm-up session. By doing so, we can reduce the chance of injury, so that you never have to take a day off! Ingredients including wintergreen oil, vanillyl, and camphor work locally to increase blood flow to the area it is applied to. This creates a warming sensation while dilating blood vessels, re-oxygenating tissue, and relaxing the body. If you notice the area turns red, this is because your blood vessels are dilating, which brings blood to the surface of your skin. You also might notice a moderate warming sensation; this is because camphor heightens our perceived intensity of sensations! This increased blood flow helps to ensure proper oxygenation and lactic acid removal in your tissues, reducing fatigue and allowing you to power through your workout.


170 ml / 5.8 fl.oz

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  • Wow, I did not expect this type of sensation but this is amazing. It warms up my muscles prior and during my morning run, and they don't hurt as much anymore.
    — William, Toronto, ON
  • An amazing product, keeps my skin soft and moisturized while warming my muscles. I feel no pain after my workouts. Five stars!
    — Marie, Montreal, QC
  • I am big into long-distance cycling and have found the warming cream to help me push my limits. Less pain and more fun. Skin feels great too.
    — Brian, Oakville, ON
  • Love this, I don't know why this didn't exist before. Nourishes skin and supports your workout, perfect hybrid!
    — Brad, Vancouver, BC

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Warming and Cooling Creams
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